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  Mineral Chelates of Amino Acids For higher profitability from Livestock.  
  AMCHEMIN are the mineral feed supplements containing important  
  TRANSITION ELEMENTS like Iron, Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, Manganese etc. which  
  are surrounded by and bonded to Hydrolysed proteins or Amino Acids. This  
  process is called Chelation developed in India by our scientists  
  AMCHEMIN offers unmatched advantage to the Farmers. Essential minerals  
  incorporated in AMCHEMIN are in the 'chelated' state. They can pass through  
  the gastric juices without adverse reactions. They are quickly absorbed through  
  intestinal walls into the blood stream to reach the various organs to perform  
  their physiological functions without interruption.  
1 The minerals in the ration might be in the wrong form and their assimilation might be difficult.
2 After ingestion so many reaction occur between components of the feed. These ingredients may form precipitates that
  render the minerals unavailable to the body.
3 Key ingredients of the ration like proteins, fats, carbohydrates etc. might be out of balance or inadequate.
4 Various STRESS factors create the need for extra nutrients.