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PRICHEMIN-MIX Leads the Path of“Blue Revolution”
PRICHEMIN-MIX is a very special product developed by patented technology & has metal chelates of Amino Acids, obtained from Soyabean (NON GMO) using enzymic hydrolysis whereby all essential Amino Acids are available for chelation.
The chelated minerals with Amino Acids enhance the absorption rate by 300 times.
1KG. of PRICHEMIN – MIX for 100 Kg. of Feed.  
Each 100 gm consists
Calcium 5.000 gm.
Phosphorus 7.000 gm.
Zinc 0.600 gm.
Manganese 0.600 gm.
Iron 0.200 gm.
Potassium 0.400 gm.
Copper 4.000 gm.
Magnesium 1.000 gm.
Cobalt 0.020 gm.
Selenium 0.020 gm.
Chromium 0.001 gm.
Iodine 0.010 gm.
Molybdenum 0.001 gm.
Amino Acids 16.000 gm.
Integral part of proteins with catalytic & structural functions provides better growth & higher immunity.



Amino Acids
Necessary needed for Vit B 12 enzyme synthesis.