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Prefectose GT
Approved input for organic agriculture
Approved input for organic agriculture
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Perfectose GT
  Perfectose - GT is amino acid chelated calcium product exclusively developed to correct calcium deficiency of Turf grass & Garden grass.  
  The calcium chelated in Perfectose - GT is easily available & absorbed by leaves & / or roots of the plant regardless of soil & environment conditions.  
  The amino acids used increase the absorption & transport of nutrients through the leaves in to the plant.  
  The calcium absorption is increased alongwith enhancing of translocation of this essential nutrient to growing points of the plant.  
  These biologically active L- α - amino acids obtained by enzymic hydrolysis improve photosynthesis & offer maximum protection from stress.  
  Perfectose - GT is applied as foliar Spray through fertigation. An immediate response is observed when Perfectose - GT is applied as foliar by making entire Turf area wet untill runoff.  
  This product should be used to prevent & control calcium deficiency in the plants & maintain Turfgrass leaf tugidity & quality.  
  Dosage apply 80 - 100 ml per 1000 sq.ft. every 15 - 20 days or 200 ml per 1000 sq.ft. when needed to correct a deficiency.  
  Increase the dosage, the irrigation water, treating unfavorable soil conditions.  
  Perfectose - GT is an economical & environmentally safe product to correct calcium deficiency & improve Turfgrass quality. It prevents flushings on the Turf & gives smooth turf.  
  Perfectose - GT is stable between 5° to 40° c & can be stored at this temperature without loss of any biochemical activity for 3 years.  
  Perfectose - GT is an environmentally safe product & is safe to plants, animals & human