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Prefectose Powder
Approved input for organic agriculture
Approved input for organic agriculture
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  Perfectose Powder  
  Perfectose Powder is a product consisting of Amino Acids needed to improve efficiency of plant for better uptake & utilisation of nutrients & fertilizers leading to proper utilisation of water & nutrients of the soil.  
  Amino Acids provide following benefits when applied through soil.  
1 Better utilisation of nutrients & water.  
2 Strengthening of root system of the plant by increased lateral roots.  
3 It improves photosynthesis process.  
4 It improves the immunity of the plant & plant become more resistant to stress such as drought frost, disease & insects.  
  20 kg. of Perfectose Powder per Hectare of soil & disperse it uniformly all over the field.  
  1st Application : Alongwith 1st dose of fertilizers  
  2nd Application : Alongwith 2nd dose of Fertilizers.  
Effect seen in the plants
1 Dark Green Leaves  
2 Profuse & sturdy growth of plant system.  
3 Improved photosynthesis.  
4 Reduction in flower & fruit drop  
5 Increase in the lateral roots &  
  more white roots.  
6 Improves internode distance  
7 Higher Yield of the crop.  
8 Better keeping quality.  
  Perfectose Powder is stable from 5°c to 50°c & does not decompose & can be stored at this temperature at home without any loss of biochemical activity for 3 year  
  Perfectose Powder is non toxic to plants, humans & animals.  
  Perfectose Powder is an environmentally safe product.