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Approved input for organic agriculture
Approved input for organic agriculture
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Pronto is a biochemical product based on sea weed extract & Amino Acids.
It consists of Amino Acids 20 % & Sea weed extract 12.5 %.
Priya Chemicals is the only company in the world offering such concentration in a mobile liquid form.
Seaweed extract is obtained from Ascophyllum nodusum, a weed grown in Norwegian Sea, by alkaline hydrolysis using cold process.
Sea weed extract is a stress alleviator, effective in biotic & abiotic stress conditions of plants maximising both crop yield & quality.
  Beneficial effects of Pronto.  
1 Increased Crop yield  
2 Increased uptake of inorganic nutrients from the soil & improved process of photosynthesis.  
3 Improved shelf life of fruit  
4 Improved seed germination  
5 Improved root development  
6 Increased resistance to stress conditions  
7 Improved profitability
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Sea weed Extract consists of cytokinine, Auxins & Betains Betains are Methyl Donors which plant convert to formaldehyde which leads to better immunity in crop system.
  Betains are shown to play a major role in reducing root knot nematode infestation & leaf curl disease caused by Thrips & Mites.
  Rate of Application 100ml per 200 - 250 lts of water per Acre 250ml per 600 Lts of water per hectare.